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LIS Pro 3D - point cloud processing

LIS Pro 3D is made up of ten tool libraries providing a comprehensive set of more than 100 tools for point cloud and geospatial data visualization, processing and analysis. Inspect your data in 3D or enrich it with derived information. Applications include profile extraction, smart point cloud thinning, DTM / DSM / nDSM creation, colorization and gridding of point clouds, and difference and volume calculations.

LIS Pro 3D tool libraries


I/O - file import and export

This package extends SAGA's comprehensive import and export functionality by adding additional point cloud and vector data formats. It also includes tools for preparing files for use in virtual point cloud datasets.

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LIS Tools

Tools - a set of versatile tools

This package provides general tools for grid and point cloud processing, including transformation, attribute management, clipping, and subset extraction based on attribute values.

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LIS Tools

Arithmetic - calculations in 2D and 3D

This package contains tools for grid and point cloud arithmetics, including point cloud attribute calculations, height normalization, multitemporal change detection, and corridor mapping (vegetation encroachment).

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LIS Thinning

Thinning - point cloud thinning and homogenization

This package contains tools for point cloud thinning, including 2D and 3D blockthinning, TIN based thinning, thinning based on surface roughness, and tools providing thinning options for virtual point cloud datasets (massive data).

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LIS Profiles

Profiles - inspect transects

This package contains tools to query, inspect and plot transects from point clouds, grids and shapefiles.

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LIS Filtering

Filtering - filtering and classification

This package contains tools for outlier removal from points clouds, point cloud filtering based on attributes, point cloud classification based on grid surfaces, morphological filtering of grid data sets (e.g., DTM generation), and majority filtering of point clouds (e.g., of classification results).

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LIS Conversion

Conversion - spatial data type conversions

This package contains tools for various spatial data type conversions like point cloud to raster tools (and vice versa, including a lot of additional features like different interpolation methods, statistical aggregation, point cloud normalization and classification) and tools for bounding box generation from data in different formats.

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LIS Virtual

Virtual - massive point cloud data processing

This package contains tools for virtual point cloud data sets (an XML-based description of a mosaic of point clouds allowing seamless data access for data dissemination and processing of mass data), including tools for spatial subset extraction (clipping), retiling, gridding and thinning. Virtual point cloud datasets can be created from SAGA point clouds, LAS/LAZ files or Riegl RDBX files.

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LIS Colors

Colors - use and manipulate colors

This package contains tools for color processing like the colorization of point clouds by orthoimages or color space conversions (RGB to HSV and vice versa).

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LIS Visualization

Visualization - view point clouds and create visualization products

This package contains tools for visualizing point clouds and the creation of visualization products, including a 3D point cloud viewer, an orthoimager and a point cloud photographer.

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